Knowledge is Power
Over the years, our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge across every aspect of the Railway Signalling business.This includes; Shunting, Mainline, Branchline, Turnout and Railway Crossing Signals. Suburban, Rural and Freight Systems.In addition to designing and manufacturing our own proprietary product on-site, we are also fully versed in the operation and maintenance of both existing control systems.All backed up by full Engineering Support (Electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical and photometric) Production Support (Electrical, electronic, injection moulding – plastic and aluminium, non ferrous die-casting, sheet metal, fabrication and assembly) as well as complete Turnkey Solutions for even the most complex of projects.Today and due in no small part to the diligence and commitment of our team, we are not just supplying the Australian market, but also Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.Frankly, if it’s signal related, it’s this kind of overall knowledge that gives us the power to make the magic happen.

3 Aspect Mainline Railway Signal


Guards Indicator Railway Signal


A large part of what we are about at Aldridge revolves around our ability to meet any challenge head on.

And as anyone who has worked with us will tell you, it’s an area in which we have yet to fail.

Be it supplying major signalling project in Malaysia or a one off Shunting Signal for a remote Outback location.

Our extensive experience with both existing control systems and the fact that we manufacture on site, means there isn’t a single component we can’t quickly replicate and integrate into any system, right down to the oldest component.

And in an industry where time and precision are of the essence, we are proud to be the ‘go to guys’ for the quick, meticulous fixes our current clients have come to depend on.

It’s just how we roll.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that no two projects are ever quite the same.

What works for one simply may not work for another and all for a variety of

Which is why we’ve made it our business to treat every project on a completely individual basis and ensure that no matter what the circumstance, we can have any unforseen issues rectified in the shortest time frame possible. This is especially important in the case of Commissionings.

Circuit design problems, infrastructure damage, in fact any number of incidents could easily cause delays without a consistent back up plan in progress. Make no mistake, we understand the importance of your deadline.

Which is why our Spares Division is always ready for whatever the day might throw their way and every Aldridge component is supported by a full 3 year, no questions asked warranty.

Reassuringly, every Aldridge Signal is housed in marine grade casing, doors are sealed with Neoprene gaskets and drainage gutters to repel moisture, while stainless steel fittings are the only ones we use and recommend. Count on it.