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Rail Signal Infrastructure
If you know Aldridge Railway Signals, you’ll know us first and foremost as a supplier of world class signalling systems. But now you can know us first and foremost as the fully integrated signal system company – Aldridge Signal Infrastructure – ready to tackle any project from initial concept to completion.

The incorporation of three specialist partners with other industry experts into one entity not only gives you over 100 years of combined hands-on experience, but the capability you expect when it comes to design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of railway signalling and infrastructure for today’s networks and into the future.

We’re ready.

Rail Signal Infrastructure
Along with stakeholders that are also ‘hands on’ professionals directly and personally responsible for delivery of projects, Aldridge Signal Infrastructure has an extensive network of committed, highly experienced employees and respected subcontractors, all of whom work under Aldridge’s Rail Signal quality assurance system.

The combination of Aldridge expertise and resourcing offers the rail industry turnkey signalling solutions designed to meet and often exceed industry and client specifications and expectations.

We’re set (with all the right people in the right places)

Rail Signal Infrastructure
Aldridge Signal Infrastructure whilst seemingly small in structure is actually streamlined and ingenuously simple and effectively set up in a way to ensure success. Our key shareholders are “hands on” staff directly responsible for the delivery of projects and this ensures project deliverables and client expectations are met with a minimum of fuss. As well, with our experience means you’re dealing with a team of professionals who’ve anticipated and solved everything from issues at the factory level to solving design problems right there on site that have saved immeasurable time and cost by being flexible and reconsidering methodology. You’re also dealing with people that know getting it right first time is key to delivering on time and on budget with Zero Harm. Returning to sites to complete unfinished work is a red signal to us and we know you never want to see that either. Lastly to give clients first hand knowledge and confidence, throughout any project life we encourage clients to participate in regular site walk-throughs to ensure maximum peace of mind.

We’re all go.