Aldridge Rail Signal Infrastructure

Aldridge turnkey solutions take you from Go to Whoa.

 Starting from the initial concept design right through to cleaning up the site once the system is installed, tested and commissioned, you’ll find a team of highly skilled professionals behind each step in the Aldridge turnkey process.

No detail is too small, which is why there’s 8 steps in the process to ensure your project is delivered on time on budget and with zero harm. And it doesn’t stop there with ongoing communication after the project is commissioned to ensure maximum peace of mind.

Aldridge – the key to Railway Signal turnkey solutions.


• Rail Signal Concept Design
• Operational Specification
• Rail Signal Functional Specification
• Detailed Rail Signal Design
• Rail Signal Heads and Indicators
• Rail Signal post assemblies
• Rail Signal Gantry Structures
• Rail Signal Equipment Housings and Power rooms
• Prewired Rail Signal post assemblies
• Prewired Equipment housing and power rooms
• Prewired Equipment racks
• Level Crossing Equipment including pedestrian maze
• Prewired level crossing equipment.
• Factory Acceptance Testing(FAT) of all signalling equipment
• Foundations for Rail Signal Equipment
• Rail Signal Equipment Rooms and housings
• Power Rooms
• Civil and Mechanical Cable Route
• Rail Signal Gantry Footings and Structures
• Track Circuit Equipment
• Track Circuit Bonding
• Post and Gantry mounted Rail Signals
• Point Machines and point rodding
• Train Stops
• Ground Frames and Mechanical Interlockings
• Rail Signal Interlocking Systems
• Telemetry and Communication Systems
• FAT Testing
• Site Pre Testing
• Site Integrity testing of Cabling and Signalling Equipment
• Desk testing design data prior to uploading onto the system during commissioning
• Function Testing
• TIC and Commissioning Engineer responsibilities
• Principals Testing
• System testing with Test Train or simulation Test
• Site cleared, clean and safe
• Return of surplus client materials to designated storage areas
• Follow up communication with the client and stakeholders to ensure client satisfaction with the final product additional to contract obligations of the defect liability period
Mainline Three Aspect Rail Signal