When it comes to safety, rail operators can never compromise on quality. With 25 years’ experience in Railway Crossing and Signal manufacture, trust Aldridge for uncompromising quality and value. Our dedicated team uses best practice to get maximum value out of every project dollar. You can bank on it.

Certified Aussie know-how
The Aldridge Wireless Level Crossing (WLX) is Australian designed with all components manufactured locally. We also export to the world. We’re proudly certified 51% Aboriginal owned, managed and controlled. Lastly, Aldridge is the 2023 Australian Indigenous Exporter of The Year.

WLX. A quantum leap in savings.
Astonishingly, the WLX system can be delivered at quarter of the price of conventional automated crossings. Here’s why: Current automated railway crossings add significant costs to the construction, maintenance and reliability of automated railway crossings, making them prohibitively expensive for many rural and remote mining installations. WLX does not require the same infrastructure as traditional level crossing systems as it is solar powered…and utilises back to base monitoring via 4G/5G, satellite or optical fibre. WLX’s sophisticated system eliminates expensive installation and maintenance and can be delivered for a quarter of the price, with uncompromising quality, performance and reliability. WLX is already at work in Australia.

WLX. Trust in quality
Aldridge’s Wireless Level Crossing is the pinnacle of safety and value. Throughout the system dual redundancy is built-in, with dual radios, processors, wheel sensors, warning elements, power supplies, solar panels. On top of that is an independent hardware fail safe flasher.
Trust WLX.

WLX. Reliability
Designed and built for Australian conditions WLX gives 24/7 reliability year on year with:

  • Bespoke WLX Controller specially designed for wireless level crossing applications with integrated wheel sensors (WLX does not hobble together existing components to make a system, WLX is designed from the ground up)
  • Lightning protection
  • Bespoke wheel sensor tested with over 2.5 million, wheel detection cycles
  • Wheel sensors permanently active supporting complex rail traffic movements (wheel counting)
  • Wheel sensors protected against surge voltages
  • Maintenance free design requiring no adjustments during the normal course of operation.

Full peace of mind comes with Aldridge local support and spares.
Rely on WLX.

WLX. Safety Standards
WLX goes beyond standard with:

  • WLX Wheel Flange Sensor designed and built to meet SIL4 requirements
  • System designed and built to meet SIL3 requirements
  • Level crossing compliant to Australian standards (AS7658:2020)
  • standard RX5 warning assemblies, boom gates & advanced warning signs

You’re safe and sound with WLX.

WLX. Scalability
The WLX system supports 1, 2, 3 or 4 Track Level Crossings.
It’s available with Type Approved boom gates and Advanced Warnings Signs.
Think bigger with WLX.

WLX. Performance Monitoring
You can’t beat the WLX system with:

  • Email alerts on any system faults and warning messages
  • Back to base monitoring
  • Web Server for remote monitoring, generating system reports with multiple sites managed from the server
  • Server managed maintenance records
  • Server integration with existing Control Room monitoring equipment for alarms / reports
  • Vehicle & Train Analytics
  • monitoring of vehicle compliance to activated level crossing
  • Integrated video camera with analytics support
  • System Manager for maintenance staff

You’re fully informed with WLX.

On-site Security
All WLX components are housed in lockable stainless steel weatherproof cabinets.
Wheel Flange Sensor integrated security features
Option for integrated video camera surveillance & anti pole climbing security
WLX has you covered.