Aldridge ITS Wireless Level Crossing undergoing Testing at an actual site near Maitland NSW.

The WLX is actually undergoing testing at a remote site in the upper Hunter Valley in NSW on a mixed freight and passenger line. Comprising a Wheel Flange Sensor a Strike-in Slave Unit, a Repeater Unit and a Slave Warning Unit (comprising bell and warning lights), the system has now been in operation since early October 2019 with the trial due to conclude in 2020.The WLX units at the three waypoints all communicate with each other using two channel, encrypted radio signals with low power frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology. The site runs on 12V DC and is independently powered by solar panels which are supported by battery back-up.Because the site is connected to the internet via 3G/4G, our engineering team is able to remotely monitor its operation in real-time from Sydney with full access to a range of site diagnostics.