Sydney Airport Link
Completed for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Sydney Airport link is a 12 km underground rail link that connects both Sydney International and Domestic Airport terminals with Sydney’s CBD. It also connects with the East Hills line at Wolli Creek. The system required 60 LED tunnel signals.

East Rail Hong Kong
This project was delivered in 1999 and comprised 180 incandescent signals.

Port Tanjung Pelepas Malaysia
Pelepas is a port in located on the eastern mouth of the Pulay River in Malaysia which required rail access to Southern Thailand. 100 incandescent main line signals and subsidiary signals were supplied.

Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane (Ongoing)
Mainline and subsidiary LED signals including posts and complete assemblies delivered to site.

Hunter Valley New South Wales (Ongoing)
Comprising 452 kms of track the Hunter Valley rail network provides coal deliveries to the Port of Newcastle. The third road project was designed to improve throughput and Aldridge supplied signalling and post assemblies for this network. Stations were re-signalled and loop lines were completed to minimise conflict between coal delivery and passenger movements.

North East Line Singapore
An integral part of the Singapore Metro System  this line transverses Singapore in a North Easterly direction from Punggol to Harbour front. Aldridge supplied 266 Incandescent Metro Signals for this project.

Circle Line Singapore
The Singapore Circle line is an orbital line that links with all lines that connect to the city. Aldridge provided design services for LED Metro Signals and supplied lenses for 300 signals.

Level Crossing Upgrade New South Wales
Completed for the ARTC as part of the stimulus package from the Federal Government during the GFC, Aldridge Rail supplied; assembled, prewired, tested and delivered to site  110 post assemblies for 55 level crossings.

'More Than One Train' LED signage program Adelaide South Australia
Aldridge Rail supplied over 200 signals for this South Australian project which cautioned “more than one train” at Railway Crossings to warn pedestrians that there is another train following quickly after the first has passed.

Malaysia North Link Double Track
Aldridge Rail supplied over 3,000 signals to cover 375 kms of Double Track including 14 stations from Ipoh to Padang Besar.

K2RQ Signalling Project
Aldridge Rail supplied 150 Rail Signals and 38 Post Assemblies for the Kingsgrove to Revesby Rail Quadruplication as part of the New South Wales Government and Railcorp Clearways Progam. This project was completed to separate Rail Freight traffic from the Suburban Traffic and deliver improved commuter timetables.

Glenfield Signalling Project
This was an upgrade that included a new flyover to separate the East Hills and Southern Rail lines as an adjunct to the South West Rail Link project. Aldridge Rail supplied 95 signals on 28 post assemblies for the Glenfield Junction project for Nova Rail.

South West Rail Link Sydney
This project linked Leppington to Glenfield two outer suburbs of Sydney’s south west. Aldridge Rail supplied delivered to site over 60 prewired and tested signal post assemblies.

Liverpool Turnback Project
The Liverpool Turnback included the construction of 1.8 Km of additional track and a new platform at Liverpool railway station as part of the Rail Clearways program to improve capacity and reduce congestion on the rail network. Aldridge Rail supplied signals mounted on 16 post assemblies, prewired, tested and sent to site.

Cooks River Signalling Project
The Cooks river project links Port Botany with the Enfield Shunting yards which is Sydney’s major rail freight facility. Aldridge Rail supplied all the signals and post assemblies for the Port Botany and Cooks River Rail Depot. Aldridge Rail is currently preparing signals and post assemblies for the Enfield yard upgrade.

Sydney Light Rail Signalling
Aldridge Rail did the original rail signalling when the line was opened from Darling Harbour to Rozelle. Aldridge Rail has subsequently supplied all the rail signalling for the new extension to Summer Hill which opened in 2014.

Onesteel Whyalla Signalling
Aldridge Rail designed the signals and supplied post assemblies and level crossing post assemblies for the Onesteel upgrade at Whyalla. This was specifically designed to integrate with the RCS Australia control system.

Gosford Passing Loops Signalling
To improve passenger service reliability on the main northern rail line, slow moving freight trains were to be moved onto two passing loops. Aldridge Rail supplied 45 signals mounted on 16 post assemblies as part of this project.

Alkmaar Level Crossing Signals
Aldridge Rail supplied 150 Level Crossing signals to Alkmaar for the Sri Lankan level crossing upgrade project.

Tanjung Enimm Baru Signalling
Design, manufacture and supply this Indonesian project with 35 signals.

Southern Sydney Freightline
Aldridge Rail.



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